More Solutions for Pain

In the last month I have been wanting to share some experiences. I have had what I call a “bad pain month”. I have had to use all of my tools! I have gone back to drinking daily “fire water”. (ginger, and turmeric tea steamed for hours) . I add Manuka honey because of the antibiotic affects.
I was reminded that there are two things that exacerbate pain: Stress and a toxic environment. A toxic environment includes people. It is not just about literal toxicity in the food you eat and the solutions you use to clean your body and your home.
So, once again I had to go back to my basics!
1. Drink lots of tea. 2. Detoxify,
3. Keep it simple, 4. Eat healthy and eat clean, 5. Be kind and gentle to yourself! 6. Help someone else if you can. 7. Oh, and allow yourself to have a good cry! Sometimes it is a good cry that can recharge your battery! Living with pain is not easy so give yourself a break.


This is a big topic. About three months ago I started a new CBD product. One I take internally. I am so excited about this products. The horrible arthritic pain I dealt with daily is practically gone.
CBD is becoming a big thing. It’s the new buzz word on health. Therefore, many people are taking advantage of this. It is important to find a quality product. I do a lot of research on everything I try. This product is unique in the fact that it is water soluble and heat is not used in the extraction process. The whole plant is used. If you are interested in finding out more please feel free to message me.
I have been researching a lot about the medical properties of the flower and the cannabinoid system. This is real! There is amazing medical research about the healing abilities of the Cannabis plant. Strains matter! How it is grown matters. Please do your homework. There is a lot of fake stuff out there.
I have been making my own topical product from scratch for awhile now. The more research I do the better my product has become. I am excited to see pain relief among my friends! Living with chronic pain sucks! Get into the solution and you will find natural ways to help your pain.
Love and healing


The last few weeks I have been following an anti-inflammation diet: Chia pudding in the AM. This has chia seeds, goji berries, hemp milk or coconut water, a few dates, a pineapple stem, macadamia nuts and sometimes some cocoa. For dinner asparagus with lots of organic black sesame seeds. I munch on homemade Quinoa pita bread with sesame seeds, cumin seeds, mushroom powder, garlic and rosemary. I drink very strong ginger/turmeric water. Everything is organic. The difference in my pain has been tremendous. I take the time to learn about foods and which foods support healing in my body. Of course we are all a little different so I try different things. Sticking with the anti-inflammatory foods has changed my daily experience! Toxicity in the body makes pain worse so I have taken measures to detoxify my home. I use shampoo and cleaning product by a company that use natural plants and no toxicity. Do you know the average woman is exposed to 168 unique chemicals a day. So detoxify your home and eat well. PAYB ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU PUT ON AND IN YOUR BODY! I have survived a few life threatening diseases and 26 surgeries. The body is amazing if we take care of it!
Check out ‘Conquering Disease Through Food” by Jeff primack.

Food Heals

This week I have truly been reminded of the amazing power of the foods we eat. I have been living with chronic pain since 2009. It has been a hard battle. As Western medicine has saved my life it has also failed me in the chronic pain challenge. In these 10 years I have found things that have helped me get through another day, month, or year. There are many holistic modalities of healing that have saved my sanity. Being in pain every day is exhausting to the mind and spirit. I had to do a lot of my own foot work and research. This is not an easy task because there is so much mis-information being given to us. I am blessed to have a sister who is a Dr in Chinese medicine and a genius in holistic remedies. This week I have gone back to using one of my sisters first prescription for me: FOOD. Three weeks ago I began cooking for anti-inflammation. All my meals have been organic, and cooked and made from scratch using foods that fight inflammation. This week I am reaping the benefits. It is hard work, but IT IS WORTH IT! I will often post some of the specific things that have helped me!
One of my favorite cook books is “Food-Healing Cooking with Qi”, written by Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack.
I hope the things I post help you!

Pain Solutions

I wanted to share some more things that have helped me with my chronic pain. About six months ago my pain started getting bad again. Years ago my sister passed on a book and video to me called “Conquering Disease through Food”. Just by beginning my mornings with a chia pudding for Arthritis/Pain/Energy my pain began to lesson. What I know from experience is that food makes a huge difference. Also, Toxicity in the body can add to chronic pain! If you begin making small changes they will add up! I began by buying organically. I also learned how to cook things from scratch so I know what is in my food. One of my favorite very simple recipes is quinoa bread with garlic (no flour), cumin seeds, rosemary, sesame seeds and a little Cayenne pepper. If you are interested in more food suggestion to get you started please feel free to contact me through my Passitonremedies Facebook page! Blessings and Qi 🙂


I do not know about most of the world but it was not until my late twenties when I learned that feelings do not demand action and response. What I mean by that is when I learned how important it was for me to never make a decision based from or in reaction to an emotion my life got a lot better. I was not raised in a “share your feelings” kind of family. Feelings are just feelings. Plain and simple. They are not fact! Actually much of the time they are quite irrational. I was taught to stuff, hide, or deny my feelings. Therefore by the time they arose to the surface they were very overwhelming.
Feelings do not kill. There is a place and time for expression. Oh, and also, just because I feel like doing something it does not mean I have to. For the average person all of this might all sound obvious, but not for the ones who grew up in a dysfunctional home!
What is so freeing about this knowledge, once it is learned, is feelings no longer dictate your life.
The power of conscious decision making is gained.

Know yourself

I was just sitting here thinking about how much being able to see myself clearly has changed my life.
Well, seeing myself clearly and loving myself anyway. One of my worst habits was I use to always feed the negative. One day my therapist told me “It takes ten positives to level one negative” Wow.
I had to make a conscious decision to become aware of my thinking and reroute it. This was so hard in the beginning because I had to remember to do it. My negative self-talk had become so ingrained it was habitual. However, the more I did it the better I got at it. This experience made me decide to look at myself more! I became aware of many short-comings. Habitual behaviors that took joy and happiness away from my life experience. Still today I will begin the old cycle. But it lasts shorter and shorter! I realized that the way I treated myself was why I could not accomplish things I really cared about. It also made me attract negative people. The more I changed, the more opportunities came into my life. Wonderful, loving, people came into my inner circle. The people and the world around me looked different.
Unfortunately for many of us this is a life long process.
It is up to us to show others how to treat us!
Honor yourself! Be kind to yourself! Be gentle with yourself and keep feeding the ‘good wolf’.
It is amazing what we can do when we commit to this change!