Drop the Nonsense

I spent so many years talking mean to myself; thinking I was so different (thought different, suffered from unique fears and emotions). I was so hard on myself. A few years ago I got so sick and tired of being hard on myself and tired of carrying secrets. I made a commitment to be myself and speak my truth no matter where I was. Since then my whole world has changed! I now know how much we are all alike. So much wasted time and energy. Just yesterday a woman shared with me one of her deepest darkest secrets. It was exactly the same as one I carried around for years. What freedom that was. ! You are not alone! Trust me, if you have thought it or done it so has someone else! The sooner we realize these things the sooner we will find peace!
Be Kind To Yourself!


Through mindfulness and meditation I get to look at my actions, thoughts, perspectives, and outcomes in a non-judgment manner. I have come to realize that through my life I am the one who has created my own limitations. After years of certain kinds of repetitive thoughts towards myself and the world I have manifested my present situation. I am the one who has the power to chose my thinking, and my beliefs. Years of certain beliefs have created things in my life that are not serving me or humanity. The good news is through this awareness I am now able to throw away whatever I chose and replace it with beliefs that I consciously have chosen.I am truly a co-creator of my outcomes.
So many limitations that were completely self imposed.There are so many possibilities ahead!

What do I really want

The other day someone was sharing with me the conflict that was occurring in her relationship. I have had many relationships that did not end well. Until I learned to look at my part and ask myself questions about my motives, I struggled with creating a healthy loving relationship. It is so important to know things about yourself and why you do certain things.This way when something comes up, first I can ask myself: ” How important is this?” Why is this important? and then “What is it I need” . These things might sound so simple on paper, but when a situation triggers charged emotions with someone that you love there are some deeper emotions that can be triggered that have nothing to do with the present situation. If I do not know myself, nor know what matters to me, these things come out in all sorts of dysfunctional manners. If I am in a relationship with someone I can be vulnerable with, communicating our fears and needs is a lot easier.

The Mind

Today I had to bring my mind back under my control. For so many years I let my mind run wild, do what it wanted. It has taken years of practice learn how to reel my mind back in, and re-focus. I have experienced becoming what I think. Years ago I had no clue that I had a choice in the matter! Yes, sometimes it is hard work, but the payoff is magnificent. Mindfulness has helped me create a habit of watching my thinking without judgement. Then I empower myself by making a choice to change my thinking so it is aligned with love, compassion, and positivity!
In the last few years I have begun reaping the benefits of my hard work.
I read these words the other day by Dwayne W. Dyer: “Become more loving toward yourself. In your thoughts, cultivate an inner voice and attitude that is 100% on your team! Imagine an inner self that ONLY supports and loves you!”
Wow, what a great intention. These types of goals change how you interact with the world and produce results of peace and happiness!
I wish this to all who read this! BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

Meditation Observation

I have truly seen the wonderful effects of starting my day off with yoga and meditation. This morning I realized how much clearer my mind is and how much healthier the desires of my body and heart become.Positive behavior begets positive outcomes. That may seem simple and obvious but the depth of it runs so much deeper than what we see at a quick glance. Everything around me changes, even the foods I desire. I am more likely to see what I have instead of lack. I am more likely to desire being of service or even noticing an opportunity to serve. I am more likely to carve healthy foods than sweets or carbohydrates.Because of the many years I have practiced meditation, the quicker and deeper it puts my in the flow of love and success.


With my many health issues consistency has been one of my biggest struggles. I have never understood why it can be so much harder to practice behaviors that create a better life than than those that create negative consequences. How I have to train my brain to think positive or focus on gratitude. Today I was reading about the magic number of 40. At 40 days a new behavior begins becoming a habit and the old patterns begin to release. At 90-120 days the new behavior becomes a part of you. I have heard it said that 1000 days is mastering of the new behavior. if I go back and forth from an old to new behavior it never becomes a part of me. This only makes change harder. I have truly experienced this! Consistency is the key to true change!

Self Discipline

This morning I struggled beginning my regular morning meditation and yoga practice. I hurt myself on Friday and got off track with my daily disciplines. I have never understood why it is so easy to fall into negative behaviors that do not make me feel good. Why is so hard to get back on track even though my morning and evening practices is what bring happiness, joy, and a feeling of success into my life? Self discipline definitely creates a sense of freedom in my spirit. I look forward to the day when getting up and doing my daily yoga and meditation is as natural as breathing.So this morning I re-commit myself to self discipline.