Are you missing out?

One of the first classes they had you take in college in my day was Critical thinking. I find this funny. I want to challenge you today. Have you ever made a decision based on someone else’s experience or beliefs? Are you missing out? I want to give an example. I have this friend; when I was first introduced to him I was told by many a bunch of reasons I should not get to know him. Well. When it comes to people I have learned: HAVE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE, and then decide. This person is now one of my best and dearest friends. He always shows up for me!
The day I realized that I was living life unsuccessfully, was the day I realized I did not know what I believed in. I literally sat down with pen and paper and went through my belief system to find out: I had NOT consciously chosen those beliefs and I did not even like them! Wow, powerful eye-opener! From then on I made a decision to have my own experience and make conscious choses. Next time you say no to something or make a judgement about something or someone, I want you to ask yourself: “Is this coming from my heart or is this some learned stuff that is not even mine!”
My life is shifting every day now for the better! I know amazing people, and I am involved with an amazing company that I would not have given the time of day to before.
I am healing more by using means and ways most conventional doctors would tell me are hogwash. Well, the proof is in the pudding! Whatever works and adds grace and exhilaration into my life, is what I will continue to chose!
Don’t miss out! Do your own research and your own thinking! Be your best friend!


On my healing journey I learned a lot about toxicity and detoxing the body. The less toxicity the better your body’s immune system and the better you feel! Do you know that American women put an average of 168 toxic chemical on their bodies a day? The average home contains 62 toxic chemicals.
Toxicity in the body can cause symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, just to mention a few.
The first thing I did was detoxify my home by removing toxic cleaning supplies. Just doing that I felt better. Then I began detoxifying my diet! Buying organic food when possible and using healthy oils to cook. I get better and better at that still. It takes time to implement this. I began using non toxic creams, shampoos et… At the Chopra Center they would tell us:” If you wouldn’t eat it do not put it inside your body.”
Another huge area that many of us miss is emotional toxicity. It is very important that we metabolize and process our emotions! Exercise like yoga will help remove these toxic emotions out of our tissues!
And then lastly but just as important learning how to remove stress from our lives. We do have some control over that. We also can learn ways to metabolize stress so it doesn’t get to the point where is makes us sick. Did you know that stress alone can lower your immune system? When I was dealing with my cancer diagnosis one of the things I heard a lot was: “stress is a killer”.
This may all sound like a lot, but we can start somewhere. Bit by bit you will feel the results! It’s awesome!

Don’t Forget to Live

Living with chronic pain is draining. My life turned into dealing with doctor appointments after doctor appointments. Waking up with pain, going to bed with pain and the whole day was about how to manage my pain. What I realized through many years of this is that I was forgetting to live. I got so sick of waking up to just ” make it through another day”! This is when I realized I needed to find a reason to live again. I had to make a commitment to do something every week that had nothing to do with health or doctors. Whether it was reading a book for just reading a book or, Watching a funny movie or, going with a friend to drive along the beachside.
Or, is there anything I can do for another human being? Even if it is just to listen!
Yes, it is hard! your mind will tell you all the reasons you cannot do it, but I’m telling you you MUST!

Finding My Voice

I really wanted to share my process dealing with the doctors and medical professionals. I do not know what it was but in 2001 when this medical stuff all began doctors really intimidated me and mostly made me feel powerless. It took me years to learn how to take care of myself and ask for my needs in the hospital or doctor office environment. So many times I left an office feeling in a daze, confused, powerless, or angry. Or as soon as they left my hospital room all of my questions would come flooding back to me. There were so many years in which I felt as if what I was experiencing was of little concern to them.

I learned a few things:
1) Always take somebody with me whenever possible. 2) Write down all my questions on a piece of paper or on put them in my phone so I could look at it when they asked me :”Do you have any question”. 3)when they came into my hospital room at 5 am doing their rounds I recorded it in my phone. 4) the hardest one was speaking up no matter how the Dr talked to me or tried to intimidate me when speaking my truth.
5) And the most important of all: I WOULD LISTEN TO THEIR DIAGNOSIS, BUT NOT THEIR PROGNOSIS. In my many years now of listening to doctors try to tell me what was and was not possible, I have had the amazing opportunities to prove them WRONG. And that is where I am NOT powerless. I get to chose how I am going to live with their diagnosis and I get to chose to fight whether or not they tell me I will never walk again, or I can’t cure my liver, or there is no cure for this or that. Because every time I have chosen to fight and research other options I have ended winning!
Believe in yourself. Find your voice. Take your power back and use it all to heal. Do not allow your diagnosis to dictate your life, your heart, or your mind!

Finding What Works

My journey has been a long one! This year I tried different things and found some very helpful. I live with chronic Pain and I am constantly researching holistic( mind, body, and spirit) healing modalities. Coming from an Ayurvedic trained background I know that every single person is a little different. However, I would still like to share my successes. I began Cryotherapy a month ago. I am still amazed at how much it helps me heal and how it brings down the inflammation(pain)in my body. I began an amazing supplement product line. It is the highest quality I have ever come across (and I have tried many!)! I still eat non inflammatory meals. It is vital that I make my food from fresh live sources! I continue to meditate and feed my spirit. It can be hard when in severe pain and dealing with fatigue to stay in this solution. On those days or weeks I reach out to my inner circle of friends and ask for help. This was something that was very hard for me in the beginning. As I treat myself like I would treat my best friend, I have grown tremendously in inner peace, self love and compassion and I have something positive to give.
I know the challenges of experiencing pain day after day, but I must continue to train my mind to pay attention to my attitude, self talk, and to stay in gratitude! Today, my pain experience does NOT dictate my internal experience or what kind of day I am going to have!
If you are interested in finding out specific please feel free to contact me: BE AWESOME TO YOURSELF!


HEY Everyone,
I have been off-line due to medical stuff and family.

Here I am. I need to say something important!
I do not want you to have to go through what I went through. Please due your research I just had to write:
Please guys and gals do your own research! Industries are taking advantage of the consumers of CBD.
A lot of the stuff out there is complete crap!!!! It’s awful. One lady was showing her cbd oil and it was the last ingredient on the bottle. Which means it had very little cbd in it. One lady was buying something that has NO CBD in it!
Do your homework!
Or ask a friend who knows about it. Don’t waste your money! The healing is real! But many of these products are NOT
It took me a few tries and learning to finally find an awesome product!

All CBD is NOT the same.

In the last few years I have gotten very into the research of CBD. I have been following the progress and the studies and the new new findings. The marijuana and hemp plant are truly miraculous! In 1992 When it was discovered that the human body haS its on endocannabinoid system, great healing discoveries began. It is so exciting because basically this system is the system that creates naturally occurring neurotransmitters that help all the other systems work better together. So, wherever your system is imbalanced your body now will have the support it needs in getting back into balance. That is why it is helping so many different things: Autism, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and more.
In 2018 congress passed a new Farm Bill legalizing hemp.”It allows hemp cultivation broadly, not simply pilot programs for studying market interest in hemp-derived products. It explicitly allows the transfer of hemp derived products across state lines for commercial or other purposes. It also puts no restriction on the sale, transport or possession of hemp derived products”
(Hudak, John FIXGOV) .Unfortunately, this opened up the market and production to many. CBD started coming out of the woodwork. NOW you DO NOT KNOW what you are getting unless you research it. There are products out there that have all sorts of fillers and chemicals and a tiny percent of CBD. Do not be fooled by the big numbers that say !000 mg. If you would like info on some of the best quality CBD products please feel free to contact me.