Sub-Conscious and unlearning

I wanted to share a little bit about the internal/external fight. So many years I spent hours trying to learn a way to live that “worked ” for me. There were many times during this process where things would change and get better and I would begin to grasp new concepts and new behaviors that created better life experiences. Then something would happen. I would sabotage something or some how find myself right back in the old patterns. I could never understand this and boy was it frustrating. It was not until I learned about the deeper working of my mind and how much my subconscious was keeping me stuck, keeping me from truly evolving. The back and forth and push and pull experience was very painful.

Then I learned about the power of the subconscious mind. I looked for many ways to clear the things from it that were holding me back. Some of it was energy I can not even put into words this day. I wanted to share this because there were so many times I wanted to give up!. YOU MUST NOT GIVE UP! Sometimes right before a great breakthrough is when this negative trickster will try to convince you to give up.

There are many ways, different modalities, to clear this subconscious and find your way to freedom where you will truly be able to wake up each morning and create something brand new, something that is not connected to your old story, because you have finally let go and cleared out the old story and vibration and you are living a brand new day with “pure potentiality” as Deepak Chopra calls it.

I believe everyones potential is beyond their present awareness.

Tap into your greatness!

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