Empower yourself through taking Responsibility!

You know when my life truly began to change; When my story began to change? When I began taking responsibility for my experience. I use to think that there was some kind of shame in something being “your fault”. Or I just didn’t want to take responsibility because I was so fearful of failing. The funny thing is when everything is something or someone else’s fault you have no power. The truth is, what is happening in my life is my responsibility. Does that mean bad thing never happen? Of course not. But when I became able to let go of all judgement and take stock in what part I played in my experiences or lack of manifestations, I was able to make real changes. I CAN CHANGE MY REACTION, MY IMPULSES, MY PERCEPTION, MY BEHAVIORS and my actions. When I began focusing on myself and what I truly wanted and was able to let go of the things that did not serve me, a while new world of possibilities began showing up.

I am the creator of my story. What do I want? who am I? what is my purpose? These are the things that begin to unravel and the truth of who I am and what I am capable of continues to evolve.

Life is exciting, even with a body that experiences physical pain on a daily basis, even as a right leg amputee. Even with daily challenges. Pain no longer dictates my day! I no longer give away my joy and my power away to every passing life challenge or disgruntled human being. I will NOT let another human being dim my light!

I can now add light, kindness, compassion, understanding and love wherever I go.

The world needs it!

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