Taking Back Your Power

The greatest tool I have learned which made changing my life possible was mindfulness meditation. For decades my mind chaotically dragged me through the mud. I had very low self-esteem growing up, therefore my mind defaulted to the negative. I did not even know that controlling my mind was an option. My unruly mind thought the same habitual thoughts creating the same habitually feelings and experiences. Once I was introduced to becoming the non-judgmental observer of my thoughts I was given back choice. I was able to break down belief systems that were not even my truths. I was able to confront ideas and change my mind about things. This was such an awakening and put me in the position to re-create my life the way I wanted it. I no longer had to live by default creating the same sad story. I began thinking gratitude and focusing on solutions and making conscious choices. Life became meaningful, and exciting. The more I observed the more I recognized how much of my power I gave a way on a daily basis. Now I was the co-creator of my life! Since then amazing things have occurred. I have met wonderful people. I have finished things I have started. I have dreams with the hope of them becoming real. I no longer self-sabotage my endeavors. Every day I take stock of my thoughts and behaviors and have the opportunity to get better, to be better! My mind is now the servant of my heart. Possibilities unlimited!
I now live consciously! Until you make the unconscious conscious it will control your life!

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