What if you’ve been looking at it all wrong?

Throughout my life I have had many ups and down. I have made it through a lot of really hard situations and experiences. For Decades I felt like the universe was working against me. I looked at life and experienced life from a victims point of view. Always looking at the negative version. This all stemmed from a belief system that life is hard. You’ve got to fight to survive. I did not know this consciously really. However my life experience was; it was one thing after another.
What if that was not the only way to perceive it? What if: life was actually conspiring for me? What if everything that came to me was for my better, higher good? Wow, what a shift I had. What an AHAH moment. The moment when I realized I could chose how to see it. I could chose to look at things in whatever way helped me grow, Live bigger, Live better, and help more people.
I first had a brief experience decades ago giving me this option, but I did not yet have the mastering of my mind and the mindfulness to embody it; to Practice it. There were a couple of other times when this came to me, but once again I was not ready to move out of victimhood into empowerment.
I think deep down I had a fear of taking responsibility for my life.
When I truly begin embracing this concept, my while world changed. I began to grow in leaps and bounds. God and the universe where instantly my friends. The whole time they had been working for my good. WOW, life changed.
So, I am sharing this so if anyone reading this has not considered this option of perspective now you can. And now your whole world can change also.
I hope to meet you on higher ground!!!

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