Shattering Limiting Beliefs

I am taking a certification class with Joe Vitale and I wanted to share some progress and share about things that can try to trip you up. When I decided I wanted to change my life, I knew I was going to have to dig deep. There were times when I had unrealistic expectations. It does not happen over night, and for me the “old story” tried to sneak in when and where it can. Joe Vitale’s course really teaches me how to break it down to the core. First, I need to know myself and my story so I can see it coming. I have used mindfulness and some of Joe Dispenza’s meditations from :”Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”. This is not easy work guys but it is worth it!!!. My old story created a filter that blocked me from so many possibilities in life. When I first began breaking these things down I would begin creating new possibilities and new experiences but then sabotaging them. It took constant mindfulness, a lot of journaling, and a bunch of crying to get to the core. Breaking decades of patterns takes work! The most exciting thing is some wonderful opportunities are manifesting and I am walking through fears I never thought were possible! Yesterday the old pattern tried to creep in. I became melancholy for a bit and then blasted right out of it. Because I recognized it, I truly saw it for the lie it was/is and then took action on my true beliefs. This was a wonderful win. I am sharing it with you because I want you to know it’s possible, It’s never too late, and if you would like any more info please contact me!
To making your dreams come alive!

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