Breaking the Cycle

I just wanted to share some of my story today, because I just came full circle on a long ago begun healing process. I know I felt broken, and I always felt different than others as far back as I can remember. I was adopted and went through a couple of homes as a baby before I came to stay with the parents that raised me. I found out through the adoption agency that they expected abuse from the second home where I stopped eating. I bring this up because when I began my healing process I always felt there was a power within me working against me. It was something more than the present confusion, self-hate and shame. I had a hard time putting things into words and have very few concrete memories growing up. I remember in school feeling on overload. This being said my healing journey was not linear. It was not until I came across yoga and some other healing modalities that I was introduced to the idea that I had unprocessed, undigested memories in my subconscious. Because these were formed before I had words they did not arise into my consciousness for healing. so I still had emotional toxicity in my subconscious and in my body.Holy cow, the body has a memory too? It sure does! This is when I dove into meditation, and yoga exercises for further healing. This is when I felt an internal shift so powerful I was truly stepping out of my old skin; The freedom indescribable. I became present in a new body. It is hard to explain. I also believe that some of what was healed was energies from when I was in my mothers womb and from being born with my umbilical cord around my neck. The reason I am sharing this, Is because if you or someone you know has been trying to heal, and change their story, but something keeps holding them back, I wanted to let you/them know there is hope! Never give up until you find the way! Maybe you have some hurt that has no words, issues left in your tissues. It is not you failing. You might just have another area of cleansing to do.
I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me for specific modality solutions.

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