Are You in a Funk?

Funks use to really mess me up! It seemed like every time I would get my momentum going I would hit some kind of a funk. So, I had to decide I needed to become a master at getting out of a funk. I learned a few things a long the way. One) Never feed the funk! Two) start small. For example: wake up and read one line from a positive book. Or do one affirmation. Right before bed do the same. Or I can visualize the manifestation of one of my dreams. Three) Be deliberate about the food I chose to eat. There are foods that create a lower vibration in me. I learned to stay away from pastas and breads. I had to stay away from heavy foods and fried foods. It is very important for me to eat lots of greens, oranges, apples, and drink lots of water. No dairy. I do not know if this would work for everyone. I am just sharing some of the tools that helped me. Four) The other thing I needed to do was to tell someone! It was too easy for the desire for isolation and quiet to turn on me.
Five) When in a funk, it is very important for me not to judge myself or the situation. This keeps it from spiraling into a depression.
Six) Movement: Even if it is for 1 minutes. Show up and do 60 seconds of something vigorous!
Of course there are also times where the only option is to just ride it out!

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