Letting go of my old story

Once I started on my journey of self healing I had to do a lot of letting go. There was a lot of dying off of different layers, but there was also letting go of stories that were with me for so many years it felt like they were part of my identity. There is a very scary period where you are creating the new you, who really is the true you, but you are not quite familiar with her yet or what life looks like being her. So there are periods were the fear wants to grip onto what you know. Those are the most important times to chose the new story and not quit before the miracle. The transformation is happening and we are succeeding way before we feel like we are! The transformation happens when I trust the process. I continue letting go, and tap into that ancient place inside of me that knows the true magnificence of who I am and what I am capable of. I no longer chose to dim my light because others recent it, or laugh at it or don’t understand it or don’t like it! I now see that when I chose to shine, I helps others have the courage to shine! If she can do it, I can do it, if I can do it, You can do it! And the whole gets to light up. So today I chose not to give up, no matter what thought might try to sneak in that day! Because, I believe in the light, in truth, in love, in forgiveness, in sharing, in celebrating when others succeed, I do not believe the lie anymore! I am not my past and the only power it holds today is the strength it gives me to pull someone else up out of theirs.

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