Changing your story

So much of my life story was about sickness and suffering. Changing your story is vital to get out of the sickness cycle and the pain cycle. It took me awhile to see that I woke up every day and fed the sickness. My life was an unconscious creation. Unconsciously I was feeding all the bad. But deep down inside somewhere I knew that the inner me was about health. I began feeding new visions, new thoughts and allowing myself to dream again. I began paying attention of the things that were coming out of my mouth. I made a conscious choice that no longer would I give any illness more power. No longer was I going to feed my pain level that day and let it dictate my day!!! NO MORE! Instead I was going to remind myself my body was created to naturally heal. I was going to see myself walking into places. Walking my dog. As soon as I noticed I was focusing on my pain I would stop and change my focus. It took me a long time to realize that just knowing new concepts was not enough. I had to apply them. IT TAKES WORK. It can be an up and down process and sometimes in the beginning you might think you are not getting anywhere. I spend decades feeding the old paradigms, living a life of unconscious creation. I TOOK BACK MY POWER OF CHOICE. The more I kept at it, continually picking myself back up and not beating myself up for falling backwards. My outer and inner experience has changed. I was actually experience a shift. I am no longer a victim of life or a victim of my past!!! It works, it actually works!
The more I practice it, the more It becomes a part of me. Everyday I wake up and choose to fight for myself! Love myself! Be kind to myself!
I choose life!

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