Celebrate Every Win!

I woke up this morning and realized I felt no pain. I began crying, overwhelmed with gratitude. I remember two years ago when I got home from the convalescent after my amputation. It took everything I had to go to the kitchen and back. If I took a shower, it was a great day! The two years before my amputation I basically lived in the hospital or in a convalescent. Surgery after surgery.
This morning I allowed myself to truly experience the moment, this day free of pain. Yesterday I went to pilates and out with a friend. Today, I cleaned my home and had lunch with a friend. It is so important to allow ourself to see the progress. I have reached a milestone. So many time we arrive and do not even realize it because there is always the next milestone. In two years I have come so far. I got here by taking one step at a time. Conquering one thing at a time. adding one healthy habit at a time.
Living with chronic pain, it is even more important that we celebrate the little things and the big things. It is easy to forget how far we have come when we are trying to get over another hurtle. Two years ago, I set an intention to take control of my mind. Changing my thoughts, changing my story.
Today was the manifestation of that work. Tomorrow, I wake up and I continue to fight.
Why? Because, its worth it!
Why? Because I am going to walk again!

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