Consistency is the key to healing! Whatever new practice I am learning about, or implementing into my healthy habits must be done consistently. I love the saying:” Do not quit before the miracle!” In the beginning of my healing journey I remember moving from thing to thing and thinking:” None of this is working”. So, after many months of frustration and struggling with wanting to just give up I read something by Deepak Chopra that changed my life. When dealing with holistic modalities and practices they work on the core of the problem. They don’t quick fix your symptoms. For example, when I began cooking and eating to decrease chronic inflammation in my body ( which is associated with many diseases) it took more than 30 days for me to really start experiencing the feeling of relief. Being in pain sucks, and I know we want to get relief NOW, but all the now remedies I ever came across have long term side effects that can damage our bodies and minds. When you start healing from a holistic remedy, your body and mind are actually healing, because it is healing you at a cellular level! Pain is our body communicating with us; “HELP, SOMETHINGS WRONG, HELLO, DO SOMETHING!” Therefore it does not make sense to just numb the bodies warning system.
Another example is meditation or visualization-It took Joe Dispenza five years to heal his back. But do not be discouraged, once you begin feeling the results a little it gets better from there! SO it is worth the work.
I started with one practice and then added another and so on.
Even if it is as small as starting to eats broccoli sprouts every day. START SOMEWHERE or you will never get anywhere.
Pick something today, once that has become a habit, then add something else. If it is meditation or visualization start with 2 minutes and then add a minute at a time. IT WORKS!

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