Acceptance vs Fighting

One of the things I truly struggled with after my amputation was finding my balance.I had to learn that sometimes it was important to push myself and get up and “accomplish” somethings or embrace where my body was and allowing myself to be with my body and let it rest. What I learned was how important it is to push myself to learn how to become more self efficient, but also learn how to accept some limitations and listen to my body. There are days when thinking positive and challenging yourself turns into an expectation instead of a desire. This is when I need to stop, cry, and allow myself to be exactly where I am in that moment. It gets exhausting when your whole life is making appointments, seeing doctors, fighting for your insurance, and living with pain every day. This is when I knew that I must have things that I do that have nothing to do with “getting better”,healing…..Because it’s too draining to live with this consistent energy of “I want to heal’, i want to feel better”. I needed days to just enjoy, live, and be grateful of where I am now!
So don’t miss living because you are always trying to get somewhere that you are not. Be here now!

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