Are you missing out?

One of the first classes they had you take in college in my day was Critical thinking. I find this funny. I want to challenge you today. Have you ever made a decision based on someone else’s experience or beliefs? Are you missing out? I want to give an example. I have this friend; when I was first introduced to him I was told by many a bunch of reasons I should not get to know him. Well. When it comes to people I have learned: HAVE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE, and then decide. This person is now one of my best and dearest friends. He always shows up for me!
The day I realized that I was living life unsuccessfully, was the day I realized I did not know what I believed in. I literally sat down with pen and paper and went through my belief system to find out: I had NOT consciously chosen those beliefs and I did not even like them! Wow, powerful eye-opener! From then on I made a decision to have my own experience and make conscious choses. Next time you say no to something or make a judgement about something or someone, I want you to ask yourself: “Is this coming from my heart or is this some learned stuff that is not even mine!”
My life is shifting every day now for the better! I know amazing people, and I am involved with an amazing company that I would not have given the time of day to before.
I am healing more by using means and ways most conventional doctors would tell me are hogwash. Well, the proof is in the pudding! Whatever works and adds grace and exhilaration into my life, is what I will continue to chose!
Don’t miss out! Do your own research and your own thinking! Be your best friend!

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