On my healing journey I learned a lot about toxicity and detoxing the body. The less toxicity the better your body’s immune system and the better you feel! Do you know that American women put an average of 168 toxic chemical on their bodies a day? The average home contains 62 toxic chemicals.
Toxicity in the body can cause symptoms such as fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, just to mention a few.
The first thing I did was detoxify my home by removing toxic cleaning supplies. Just doing that I felt better. Then I began detoxifying my diet! Buying organic food when possible and using healthy oils to cook. I get better and better at that still. It takes time to implement this. I began using non toxic creams, shampoos et… At the Chopra Center they would tell us:” If you wouldn’t eat it do not put it inside your body.”
Another huge area that many of us miss is emotional toxicity. It is very important that we metabolize and process our emotions! Exercise like yoga will help remove these toxic emotions out of our tissues!
And then lastly but just as important learning how to remove stress from our lives. We do have some control over that. We also can learn ways to metabolize stress so it doesn’t get to the point where is makes us sick. Did you know that stress alone can lower your immune system? When I was dealing with my cancer diagnosis one of the things I heard a lot was: “stress is a killer”.
This may all sound like a lot, but we can start somewhere. Bit by bit you will feel the results! It’s awesome!

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