Don’t Forget to Live

Living with chronic pain is draining. My life turned into dealing with doctor appointments after doctor appointments. Waking up with pain, going to bed with pain and the whole day was about how to manage my pain. What I realized through many years of this is that I was forgetting to live. I got so sick of waking up to just ” make it through another day”! This is when I realized I needed to find a reason to live again. I had to make a commitment to do something every week that had nothing to do with health or doctors. Whether it was reading a book for just reading a book or, Watching a funny movie or, going with a friend to drive along the beachside.
Or, is there anything I can do for another human being? Even if it is just to listen!
Yes, it is hard! your mind will tell you all the reasons you cannot do it, but I’m telling you you MUST!

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