Finding My Voice

I really wanted to share my process dealing with the doctors and medical professionals. I do not know what it was but in 2001 when this medical stuff all began doctors really intimidated me and mostly made me feel powerless. It took me years to learn how to take care of myself and ask for my needs in the hospital or doctor office environment. So many times I left an office feeling in a daze, confused, powerless, or angry. Or as soon as they left my hospital room all of my questions would come flooding back to me. There were so many years in which I felt as if what I was experiencing was of little concern to them.

I learned a few things:
1) Always take somebody with me whenever possible. 2) Write down all my questions on a piece of paper or on put them in my phone so I could look at it when they asked me :”Do you have any question”. 3)when they came into my hospital room at 5 am doing their rounds I recorded it in my phone. 4) the hardest one was speaking up no matter how the Dr talked to me or tried to intimidate me when speaking my truth.
5) And the most important of all: I WOULD LISTEN TO THEIR DIAGNOSIS, BUT NOT THEIR PROGNOSIS. In my many years now of listening to doctors try to tell me what was and was not possible, I have had the amazing opportunities to prove them WRONG. And that is where I am NOT powerless. I get to chose how I am going to live with their diagnosis and I get to chose to fight whether or not they tell me I will never walk again, or I can’t cure my liver, or there is no cure for this or that. Because every time I have chosen to fight and research other options I have ended winning!
Believe in yourself. Find your voice. Take your power back and use it all to heal. Do not allow your diagnosis to dictate your life, your heart, or your mind!

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