Finding What Works

My journey has been a long one! This year I tried different things and found some very helpful. I live with chronic Pain and I am constantly researching holistic( mind, body, and spirit) healing modalities. Coming from an Ayurvedic trained background I know that every single person is a little different. However, I would still like to share my successes. I began Cryotherapy a month ago. I am still amazed at how much it helps me heal and how it brings down the inflammation(pain)in my body. I began an amazing supplement product line. It is the highest quality I have ever come across (and I have tried many!)! I still eat non inflammatory meals. It is vital that I make my food from fresh live sources! I continue to meditate and feed my spirit. It can be hard when in severe pain and dealing with fatigue to stay in this solution. On those days or weeks I reach out to my inner circle of friends and ask for help. This was something that was very hard for me in the beginning. As I treat myself like I would treat my best friend, I have grown tremendously in inner peace, self love and compassion and I have something positive to give.
I know the challenges of experiencing pain day after day, but I must continue to train my mind to pay attention to my attitude, self talk, and to stay in gratitude! Today, my pain experience does NOT dictate my internal experience or what kind of day I am going to have!
If you are interested in finding out specific please feel free to contact me: BE AWESOME TO YOURSELF!

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