Pain Solutions

I wanted to share some more things that have helped me with my chronic pain. About six months ago my pain started getting bad again. Years ago my sister passed on a book and video to me called “Conquering Disease through Food”. Just by beginning my mornings with a chia pudding for Arthritis/Pain/Energy my pain began to lesson. What I know from experience is that food makes a huge difference. Also, Toxicity in the body can add to chronic pain! If you begin making small changes they will add up! I began by buying organically. I also learned how to cook things from scratch so I know what is in my food. One of my favorite very simple recipes is quinoa bread with garlic (no flour), cumin seeds, rosemary, sesame seeds and a little Cayenne pepper. If you are interested in more food suggestion to get you started please feel free to contact me through my Passitonremedies Facebook page! Blessings and Qi 🙂

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