I do not know about most of the world but it was not until my late twenties when I learned that feelings do not demand action and response. What I mean by that is when I learned how important it was for me to never make a decision based from or in reaction to an emotion my life got a lot better. I was not raised in a “share your feelings” kind of family. Feelings are just feelings. Plain and simple. They are not fact! Actually much of the time they are quite irrational. I was taught to stuff, hide, or deny my feelings. Therefore by the time they arose to the surface they were very overwhelming.
Feelings do not kill. There is a place and time for expression. Oh, and also, just because I feel like doing something it does not mean I have to. For the average person all of this might all sound obvious, but not for the ones who grew up in a dysfunctional home!
What is so freeing about this knowledge, once it is learned, is feelings no longer dictate your life.
The power of conscious decision making is gained.

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