Getting Past the Pain

Part 3
Throughout the years 2009-2018 I felt pain every day. In 2016-2018 it was incomprehensible. There were days I thought I was going to lose my mind! I had to find solutions! I had to get proactive in my own healing and health!
I had to learn how to set boundaries and I had to find my voice! I had to learn how to advocate for myself and surround myself only with people that loved me and had my best interest in mind!
Part of what helped me get through those years was the process of researching, trial and error, being in the solution instead of always focusing on my suffering. Sometimes it was something that just took the edge off to get me through the day or even just the next hour. of these things were: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the Biomat, acupuncture, Young Living oils for pain, learning how to make my own salve (CBD oil combined with YL oils) for pain, spirituality, food healing. I learned about what foods helped lower inflammation and what effects certain foods had on my body! AND Kundalini Yoga!

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