Getting Past the Pain

Part 2
Mindset!!! It is so easy when you are constantly in pain to have a chant of pain going over and over in your mind. When people ask how you are, you are constantly verbalizing how you are hurting or struggling. I found that this actually made living in pain worse and more intense. It reinforces your pain story. Now, that does not mean living in denial! It means pay attention to what you say and think! It means staying in the solution as much as you can. It means making extra effort to staying positive and thinking positive. It means taking action on the things you can control: your thoughts, getting sleep, eating healthy, educating yourself of all the alternative options that promote healing, being around positive people, finding balance in pushing yourself through and resting, making sure you are showing yourself kindness and compassion, helping someone (focusing on someone else’s pain and how you might be able to help).

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