Getting Past the Pain

Getting Past the Pain Part 1:
There are so many actions we can take. The first and foremost is, to make the decision. Because my story was Sickness, Pain and suffering it actually was hard to let go. This may sound crazy, and of course it is not conscious until you let it become so. One of the first things I had to do was courageously look at my part. I had to stop being the victim of my circumstances and look at where I did have power! This I began accomplishing through regular meditation and writing. The reason why this part is so important is because if we do not look at the part us that is holding on, the process of recovery begins to become a cycle of 3 steps ahead and then two steps back.
It took me years of this to figure out what part of me was holding on to the story of sickness. What I discovered was when I was a child this was the only time I received affection and felt safe. Does this mean I am to blame for all of my suffering? Of course not. But as soon as I took responsibility for the pieces I could change I shifted from victim to warrior!
It is impossible to move away from pain with a negative mind set!
I thought I’d start with this, because if you begin with this your efforts won’t be sabotaged.

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