Don’t Quit before the Miracle

Have you ever heard this saying?
This week this metaphor became an experienced truth. After my amputation I gained a lot of weight. Being heavy was a very uncomfortable feeling for me and made everything a lot harder. I made a decision to lose the weight, putting this as a high priority. For three months I began changing my habits and began exercising. I did not drop one pound! I was so frustrated. I had a lot working against me: medications I was on, not being able to exercise like I used to, and my age. My fist reaction was, ” I’ll never be abler to accomplish this, I have too much working against me…”.
I made a decision that this was too important to my quality of life. I felt better eating healthy and exercising anyway! I knew enough from my Ayurvedic background that sometimes things are manifesting even though we can not see them in the physical appearance yet. Today I have accomplished more than half of my desired weight loss. I share this because I think of the many time we shoot ourself in the foot because we quit right before the miracle. These laws work across the board. If you continue to do the work, keep you eye on the goal you will get there! And boy is it worth it!

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