Taking Responsibility

This can be such a tricky thing. Especially because of the ego. The crazy part of it all is we are only empowered when we look at our part in what is in our present. All of what is in my present moment has been a creation of the choices I have made, no one else. And boy I sure have not done things perfectly! However, I grow and stop making the same mistakes over and over when I stop looking outside and begin looking inside. It’s been a blessing to learn how to own up to what I’ve done and do my best to make better choice; even when my part involved ugliness.
The important thing to remember is no one can attack me! And when I attack someone it has been because I feel i have been attacked and therefore I am attacking myself.
I do believe that most people do the best they can with what they know and have experienced. So, there is no pay off for holding onto anger or attacking thoughts towards another! The truth is when we do that we are only hurting ourselves and missing an opportunity for growth. A dear friend of mine passed on an awesome question for me to ask myself: Does this person or situation add grace to my life? And if not why am allowing this person or situation to continue being in my life? The next question I would add to that is: am I adding grace in this persons life or in this situation or am I causing harm. This takes a depth of honesty with ones self!

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