The Mind

Today I had to bring my mind back under my control. For so many years I let my mind run wild, do what it wanted. It has taken years of practice learn how to reel my mind back in, and re-focus. I have experienced becoming what I think. Years ago I had no clue that I had a choice in the matter! Yes, sometimes it is hard work, but the payoff is magnificent. Mindfulness has helped me create a habit of watching my thinking without judgement. Then I empower myself by making a choice to change my thinking so it is aligned with love, compassion, and positivity!
In the last few years I have begun reaping the benefits of my hard work.
I read these words the other day by Dwayne W. Dyer: “Become more loving toward yourself. In your thoughts, cultivate an inner voice and attitude that is 100% on your team! Imagine an inner self that ONLY supports and loves you!”
Wow, what a great intention. These types of goals change how you interact with the world and produce results of peace and happiness!
I wish this to all who read this! BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

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