Toxins/chronic pain

During my Ayurvedic studies at the Chopra University, I learned about the accumulation of ama (toxic residue) in the body and it’s effects on our well being. Accumulated ama can really effect the  quality of life your life and can be a precursor to disease. Some of the common symptoms are: fatigue, cranky, lack of concentration, depression, overweight, pain in the body and joints, and the list goes on.

After my amputation I began making efforts to minimize as much toxic interaction as I could. I started by switching cleaning products out for all the Young Living cleaning supplies. I also keep a diffuser running purification essential oil on a weekly basis. I was amazed at all the positive effects!

I get the perk of feeling good about spending money with such an amazing company. I know that my dollars are supporting a company with integrity and one that gives back in many services to the world!

I am excited to begin teaching a class on chronic pain and essential oils!



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