I Deal with nausea many days of the week. My body is still recovering from many IV antibiotic treatment, Chemo medication, and surgeries.

There are many tools I use. One day, breath work will help, another day eating an apple, or peppermint tea or oils…The lists go on.

However, yesterday I had a new experience. I was in that place of being sick and tired of feeling sick. I felt my mind slipping into that downward spiral of feeling sorry for myself and into the dark cloud I call the big D (depression). Preparing for an attack. Before the fighting began something happened. I sat up with an exhilarating feeling of surrender and “Fuck this”! I pulled out my lap top and wrote. It was like a mental damn breaking through. Thoughts, memories, lessons I have learned all being expressed and released through each word I typed. I wrote and wrote and wrote. Two hours later I stopped. I checked in with my body and for the first time in days my nausea was gone and I had energy. I felt a sense of freedom like I had been released from some kind of mental prison.

Something I have realized dealing with chronic pain and health problem is sometimes the physical symptoms are caught up in some kind of psychological web. Once cleared up, or a belief being changed, or a just new perception can change everything. Even if the symptoms don’t quite go away my experience of them does.


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