Sub-Conscious and unlearning

I wanted to share a little bit about the internal/external fight. So many years I spent hours trying to learn a way to live that “worked ” for me. There were many times during this process where things would change and get better and I would begin to grasp new concepts and new behaviors that created better life experiences. Then something would happen. I would sabotage something or some how find myself right back in the old patterns. I could never understand this and boy was it frustrating. It was not until I learned about the deeper working of my mind and how much my subconscious was keeping me stuck, keeping me from truly evolving. The back and forth and push and pull experience was very painful.

Then I learned about the power of the subconscious mind. I looked for many ways to clear the things from it that were holding me back. Some of it was energy I can not even put into words this day. I wanted to share this because there were so many times I wanted to give up!. YOU MUST NOT GIVE UP! Sometimes right before a great breakthrough is when this negative trickster will try to convince you to give up.

There are many ways, different modalities, to clear this subconscious and find your way to freedom where you will truly be able to wake up each morning and create something brand new, something that is not connected to your old story, because you have finally let go and cleared out the old story and vibration and you are living a brand new day with “pure potentiality” as Deepak Chopra calls it.

I believe everyones potential is beyond their present awareness.

Tap into your greatness!

Empower yourself through taking Responsibility!

You know when my life truly began to change; When my story began to change? When I began taking responsibility for my experience. I use to think that there was some kind of shame in something being “your fault”. Or I just didn’t want to take responsibility because I was so fearful of failing. The funny thing is when everything is something or someone else’s fault you have no power. The truth is, what is happening in my life is my responsibility. Does that mean bad thing never happen? Of course not. But when I became able to let go of all judgement and take stock in what part I played in my experiences or lack of manifestations, I was able to make real changes. I CAN CHANGE MY REACTION, MY IMPULSES, MY PERCEPTION, MY BEHAVIORS and my actions. When I began focusing on myself and what I truly wanted and was able to let go of the things that did not serve me, a while new world of possibilities began showing up.

I am the creator of my story. What do I want? who am I? what is my purpose? These are the things that begin to unravel and the truth of who I am and what I am capable of continues to evolve.

Life is exciting, even with a body that experiences physical pain on a daily basis, even as a right leg amputee. Even with daily challenges. Pain no longer dictates my day! I no longer give away my joy and my power away to every passing life challenge or disgruntled human being. I will NOT let another human being dim my light!

I can now add light, kindness, compassion, understanding and love wherever I go.

The world needs it!

Taking Back Your Power

The greatest tool I have learned which made changing my life possible was mindfulness meditation. For decades my mind chaotically dragged me through the mud. I had very low self-esteem growing up, therefore my mind defaulted to the negative. I did not even know that controlling my mind was an option. My unruly mind thought the same habitual thoughts creating the same habitually feelings and experiences. Once I was introduced to becoming the non-judgmental observer of my thoughts I was given back choice. I was able to break down belief systems that were not even my truths. I was able to confront ideas and change my mind about things. This was such an awakening and put me in the position to re-create my life the way I wanted it. I no longer had to live by default creating the same sad story. I began thinking gratitude and focusing on solutions and making conscious choices. Life became meaningful, and exciting. The more I observed the more I recognized how much of my power I gave a way on a daily basis. Now I was the co-creator of my life! Since then amazing things have occurred. I have met wonderful people. I have finished things I have started. I have dreams with the hope of them becoming real. I no longer self-sabotage my endeavors. Every day I take stock of my thoughts and behaviors and have the opportunity to get better, to be better! My mind is now the servant of my heart. Possibilities unlimited!
I now live consciously! Until you make the unconscious conscious it will control your life!

What if you’ve been looking at it all wrong?

Throughout my life I have had many ups and down. I have made it through a lot of really hard situations and experiences. For Decades I felt like the universe was working against me. I looked at life and experienced life from a victims point of view. Always looking at the negative version. This all stemmed from a belief system that life is hard. You’ve got to fight to survive. I did not know this consciously really. However my life experience was; it was one thing after another.
What if that was not the only way to perceive it? What if: life was actually conspiring for me? What if everything that came to me was for my better, higher good? Wow, what a shift I had. What an AHAH moment. The moment when I realized I could chose how to see it. I could chose to look at things in whatever way helped me grow, Live bigger, Live better, and help more people.
I first had a brief experience decades ago giving me this option, but I did not yet have the mastering of my mind and the mindfulness to embody it; to Practice it. There were a couple of other times when this came to me, but once again I was not ready to move out of victimhood into empowerment.
I think deep down I had a fear of taking responsibility for my life.
When I truly begin embracing this concept, my while world changed. I began to grow in leaps and bounds. God and the universe where instantly my friends. The whole time they had been working for my good. WOW, life changed.
So, I am sharing this so if anyone reading this has not considered this option of perspective now you can. And now your whole world can change also.
I hope to meet you on higher ground!!!

Shattering Limiting Beliefs

I am taking a certification class with Joe Vitale and I wanted to share some progress and share about things that can try to trip you up. When I decided I wanted to change my life, I knew I was going to have to dig deep. There were times when I had unrealistic expectations. It does not happen over night, and for me the “old story” tried to sneak in when and where it can. Joe Vitale’s course really teaches me how to break it down to the core. First, I need to know myself and my story so I can see it coming. I have used mindfulness and some of Joe Dispenza’s meditations from :”Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”. This is not easy work guys but it is worth it!!!. My old story created a filter that blocked me from so many possibilities in life. When I first began breaking these things down I would begin creating new possibilities and new experiences but then sabotaging them. It took constant mindfulness, a lot of journaling, and a bunch of crying to get to the core. Breaking decades of patterns takes work! The most exciting thing is some wonderful opportunities are manifesting and I am walking through fears I never thought were possible! Yesterday the old pattern tried to creep in. I became melancholy for a bit and then blasted right out of it. Because I recognized it, I truly saw it for the lie it was/is and then took action on my true beliefs. This was a wonderful win. I am sharing it with you because I want you to know it’s possible, It’s never too late, and if you would like any more info please contact me!
To making your dreams come alive!

Breaking the Cycle

I just wanted to share some of my story today, because I just came full circle on a long ago begun healing process. I know I felt broken, and I always felt different than others as far back as I can remember. I was adopted and went through a couple of homes as a baby before I came to stay with the parents that raised me. I found out through the adoption agency that they expected abuse from the second home where I stopped eating. I bring this up because when I began my healing process I always felt there was a power within me working against me. It was something more than the present confusion, self-hate and shame. I had a hard time putting things into words and have very few concrete memories growing up. I remember in school feeling on overload. This being said my healing journey was not linear. It was not until I came across yoga and some other healing modalities that I was introduced to the idea that I had unprocessed, undigested memories in my subconscious. Because these were formed before I had words they did not arise into my consciousness for healing. so I still had emotional toxicity in my subconscious and in my body.Holy cow, the body has a memory too? It sure does! This is when I dove into meditation, and yoga exercises for further healing. This is when I felt an internal shift so powerful I was truly stepping out of my old skin; The freedom indescribable. I became present in a new body. It is hard to explain. I also believe that some of what was healed was energies from when I was in my mothers womb and from being born with my umbilical cord around my neck. The reason I am sharing this, Is because if you or someone you know has been trying to heal, and change their story, but something keeps holding them back, I wanted to let you/them know there is hope! Never give up until you find the way! Maybe you have some hurt that has no words, issues left in your tissues. It is not you failing. You might just have another area of cleansing to do.
I hope this helps. Feel free to contact me for specific modality solutions.

Are You in a Funk?

Funks use to really mess me up! It seemed like every time I would get my momentum going I would hit some kind of a funk. So, I had to decide I needed to become a master at getting out of a funk. I learned a few things a long the way. One) Never feed the funk! Two) start small. For example: wake up and read one line from a positive book. Or do one affirmation. Right before bed do the same. Or I can visualize the manifestation of one of my dreams. Three) Be deliberate about the food I chose to eat. There are foods that create a lower vibration in me. I learned to stay away from pastas and breads. I had to stay away from heavy foods and fried foods. It is very important for me to eat lots of greens, oranges, apples, and drink lots of water. No dairy. I do not know if this would work for everyone. I am just sharing some of the tools that helped me. Four) The other thing I needed to do was to tell someone! It was too easy for the desire for isolation and quiet to turn on me.
Five) When in a funk, it is very important for me not to judge myself or the situation. This keeps it from spiraling into a depression.
Six) Movement: Even if it is for 1 minutes. Show up and do 60 seconds of something vigorous!
Of course there are also times where the only option is to just ride it out!

Letting go of my old story

Once I started on my journey of self healing I had to do a lot of letting go. There was a lot of dying off of different layers, but there was also letting go of stories that were with me for so many years it felt like they were part of my identity. There is a very scary period where you are creating the new you, who really is the true you, but you are not quite familiar with her yet or what life looks like being her. So there are periods were the fear wants to grip onto what you know. Those are the most important times to chose the new story and not quit before the miracle. The transformation is happening and we are succeeding way before we feel like we are! The transformation happens when I trust the process. I continue letting go, and tap into that ancient place inside of me that knows the true magnificence of who I am and what I am capable of. I no longer chose to dim my light because others recent it, or laugh at it or don’t understand it or don’t like it! I now see that when I chose to shine, I helps others have the courage to shine! If she can do it, I can do it, if I can do it, You can do it! And the whole gets to light up. So today I chose not to give up, no matter what thought might try to sneak in that day! Because, I believe in the light, in truth, in love, in forgiveness, in sharing, in celebrating when others succeed, I do not believe the lie anymore! I am not my past and the only power it holds today is the strength it gives me to pull someone else up out of theirs.

Using your Past the right way

Recently, I have experienced some beautiful moments. Moments that had me thinking: How did I get here? Beautiful accomplishments that had me in tears.
I worked very hard to get here. There were so many years that my past and my outside circumstances dictated my life in a negative way. It was like one negative experience beget another negative experience. The worst part about it was I did not know I had any control over the things that were happening. It was not until things got so bad and I got so sick that thins changed. It changed because of a decision I made followed by continuous action. After my leg was amputated, I had a choice to make. Who did I want to be? I decided I wanted to live. I was not going to let my amputation noir my pain bring me down. I will never forget that day. I started reading books that would teach me how to live under the circumstances I had. I began watching amputees who were professional athletes. I got up every morning and started new rituals. I went to bed expecting to wake up feeling better instead of worse. I fed these new thoughts and beliefs minute by minute. I would catch myself when the old way snuck itself back in.
Yesterday, I hit a milestone that had me in tears.
I was told I would never walk again. I read articles that said my prosthetic was 100 times harder to learn. I had so many days my thoughts would tell me I was getting worse, that there was no use working out and learning how to walk.
Yesterday, for the first time in many years. I walked to my car, drove to Hangar by myself. I walked out of my appointment and began to cry. For a moment I stood there forgetting I was even an amputee! I almost did not go, because the fear in my stomach was so powerful. The first thoughts in my head told me I couldn’t do it. Thank God by now, I knew how to recognize the old lies. My new knowledge kicked in and I told myself: It is time. If you never do it, you will never do it. I can not even describe to you in words the exhilaration and gratitude I experienced yesterday for being alive. The gratitude for the gift to walk!
If you are stuck, hurting, or want more information please fell free to contact me or follow me on Face book.
Emily Sunderland

Changing your story

So much of my life story was about sickness and suffering. Changing your story is vital to get out of the sickness cycle and the pain cycle. It took me awhile to see that I woke up every day and fed the sickness. My life was an unconscious creation. Unconsciously I was feeding all the bad. But deep down inside somewhere I knew that the inner me was about health. I began feeding new visions, new thoughts and allowing myself to dream again. I began paying attention of the things that were coming out of my mouth. I made a conscious choice that no longer would I give any illness more power. No longer was I going to feed my pain level that day and let it dictate my day!!! NO MORE! Instead I was going to remind myself my body was created to naturally heal. I was going to see myself walking into places. Walking my dog. As soon as I noticed I was focusing on my pain I would stop and change my focus. It took me a long time to realize that just knowing new concepts was not enough. I had to apply them. IT TAKES WORK. It can be an up and down process and sometimes in the beginning you might think you are not getting anywhere. I spend decades feeding the old paradigms, living a life of unconscious creation. I TOOK BACK MY POWER OF CHOICE. The more I kept at it, continually picking myself back up and not beating myself up for falling backwards. My outer and inner experience has changed. I was actually experience a shift. I am no longer a victim of life or a victim of my past!!! It works, it actually works!
The more I practice it, the more It becomes a part of me. Everyday I wake up and choose to fight for myself! Love myself! Be kind to myself!
I choose life!